HR professionals are hidden Marketers

HR professionals are hidden Marketers
The title you reading will be shocked and I am sure when you finish reading, you will acknowledge your shock because it’s the truth . I write this article after reading a thread on facebook of a HR professionals to attend a marketing event. Marketer All eyes are open when seeing HR guy at marketing event . They usually asking question ” What the hell are you doing on here .” In essence, each HR experts are the hidden marketing executive. The reasons is : the essence of marketing is to understand customer psychology and then find ways to convince customer to buy their products or services. It is the same when HR professionals must always understand the staf mindset in order to solve issues related to the employee . From my point of view keeping them to work for company is much more difficult to persuade customer to buy services Let’s consider the similarities between HR and marketing function
1 – Product design: HR executive must always design positions in the company and sell it on the labor market – recruitment. They also did what other marketers have identified the core product – the basic job requirements, Actual needs and requirements Augmented final product – the expected attributes. When they design the position they also think of cost structure – wage requirements for candidates on the market . HR professionals also pay attention to the product class and product planning: long – term career development
2 – Pricing: The HR professional is no different to marketers when they have to determine the price of labor for a job position in the market and compare it to the competitors. They must also determine pricing policies – salaries for position class in company.
3 – Advertising: HR experts after product design and pricing decisions will have to setup advertising channel and media. They must also determine the target audience, message and advertising plan to reach out to potential candidates for the company. They also have budget the advertising expenses
4 – Branding: They also have programs to build recruit branding and measure the brand health They also needs to assess the brand effectiveness and brand attribute to attract potential candidates.
5 – Building customer relationships: When customers buy products and services , companies have to build the relationship with customers to find out what do they need more or what are their mindset changing to adapt with. HR professionals must always listen and understand changes in staff mindset to adapt to their continuously changing. Cost of keeping customer is much less than new customer acquisition. The same to HR, cost of keeping staff is much les than recruiting new staff.
6 – Segmenting – Targeting and Positioning: Finally, before doing any issues, HR staff must also think what are segment we target, how do we target and how do we position company in market.
It’s surprising to you, HR is a profession closely related to marketing. A good HR professional is a hidden professional marketer. The question is do they realize and do they really want to change the career to marketing as they are doing the silent marketing activities.If one day you see a specialist HR Marketing having root from HR , it is not big surprise. Understanding the mindset of people is the key and common platform between marketing and HR. This is the encouragement for you to change the job to marketing if you want. I wish you success in new career track – marketing function.

Vu Tuan Anh – Vietnam Institute of Management